Thawing Spring Friends Release MP3s Like Interweb Tulips

Spring is almost here, and kids in Montreal are slowly creeping out of their holes, emerging triumphant bearing mp3s that represent the fruits of their 6 months of Seasonal Affected Disorder. The Amethysts aren’t the only ones who decided to throw a new track into the ether this March. Friends (and members) of Adam & The Amethysts have recently released some amazing music on the interwebz. And I’ll be damned if I’m not going to BLOG THE SHIT OUT OF THEM.

Mozart’s Sister is dear friend Caila Thompson-Hannant, whom I used to play with in Miracle Fortress way back when, and whom you might recognize from Shapes & Sizes and Think About Life. She just released this free EP on bandcamp that evokes Prince and Dirty Projectors and great times.

Generalessa is Scott Johnson Gailey, who just so happens to play bass and drums in the Amethysts. He released these lo-fi bedroom pop songs that are sure to please your sensibilities.

Code Pie is Rebecca’s band, and their new album of feel-good pop tunes is killer. Be sure to listen to the single “Operator.”

And they also cover Justin Bieber’s “Baby” which is not to be missed by anyone, please:

You can spot former Amethyst Rory Seydel in this new video for this awesome Pat Jordache song. Pat is a great and talented man who makes filthy arty pop music that I, you, and everyone else rightfully loves, and his band is among Montreal’s current best and brightest.

James Irwin is another dear friend and this song is just fucking brilliant. Plus it was recorded by Pat. He used to play in My People Sleeping (RIP), one of the best MTL bands, with former Amethyst, Katherine Peacock.

Oh yeah, and don’t forget to check out the PWYC album Odd City by Ancient Kids, the new band lead by occasional Amethyst drummer Jordan Robson-Cramer featuring me on guitar and keyboards. I’m not on this record though; it’s pretty much all JRC.