Happy Valentine’s Day: Ruby Attwood – Sparrow

In honor of Valentine’s Day, whether or not you celebrate it, here is a love song by the singular and beautiful Ruby Attwood (Tears for the Year) of My People Sleeping. It’s about her boyfriend John who I know for a fact is a very handsome young man. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

You can download the track at her site her site.

The concept for the recording is rather interesting. Here’s some more info about the video/recording:

This video is the first in a new series from A Story Told Well called “Four In The Wild”.

The series will consist of audio recorded, on location, in the traditional 4 track arrangement, but with no post-processing or artificial reverbs/delays. The artist will be shot in 4 different location with 4 different acoustic environments to temper the sound. In the video, no b-roll will be used so that anything happening on screen in the edit will be a moment captured at the exact time of one of the layers.

This recording features Ruby Kato Attwood of My People Sleeping, Yamantaka Sonic Titan and Women With Kitchen Appliances. It was filmed in various locations in Montreal. Let us know if you recognize any of them.

Thanks to Nora Bouazzouni of La Blogotheque for location sound, co-art direction and propwork sanity.

Thanks to Jessie Stein for the wurly.

Thanks as well to Duff Smith for the camera assist.

xo a

The Adam & The Amethysts Blogotheque Session (That Never Was)

(July 1, 2010 – Update: We did another Take Away show!)

Back in October, illustrious Parisian filmmaker and all-around sexy man Vincent Moon was in town filming a series of Take-Away Shows of Montreal bands for the super-amazing blog, La Blogotheque. The Take-Away Shows are an ongoing series of guerrilla-style live videos of bands performing in unlikely, often public, often intimate spaces. The most famous Take-Away show is probably this one. Long story short, we filmed an Adam & The Amethysts performance in my favorite pierogi restaurant/Polish deli, but the footage apparently turned out not-so-good and the session was never released. They assured me that it wasn’t my fault…

Luckily, the also-illustrious Ryan Muir took some beautiful photos. It was a really interesting experience to sing and play guitar and maybe make people feel kind of uncomfortable at a place where I go to eat pierogis about once or twice a week. The whole time I thought I was really pissing off the staff who had to weave around us to deliver people their orders as we played, but in the end, I got some really nice comments from them about my singing voice, and I think it was a special experience for them too (and hopefully for the  customers who expected pierogis and cabbage rolls and borscht, not a folk band).

Hopefully the awkwardness of the situation was laced with some whimsy. I think it was. It’s not every day you spontaneously get serenaded by a cello and bumped into by a Parisian film crew while you’re trying to eat your Sunday borscht.

All photos © Ryan Muir

xo a