He blew his mind out in a car

Hey gang,

Sorry for the lack of content. It’s been a hectic month. I was in a car crash (everyone’s okay) and (perhaps too) soon after built a deck with my family on the roof of my apartment.

Another feat that was accomplished despite post-concussion headaches and rib contusions was a successful Blogotheque Takeaway Show. I’ve seen some of the footage and I can’t wait for the finished version to get online. Finally everything will be made right after that failed attempt last fall.

There are some fun fun fun shows coming up for you folks in the Montreal area.


First is up at a cottage in the Laurentiens, Sainte Agathe des Monts to be precise. It’s a fun little festival called Duckstock. Our shoe-gazing buddies  Receivers are playing too, as well as a bunch of other bands. Full line-up and details can be found here. I think it’ll be tons of fun. You should come and camp out with us! See me with my shirt off! (Facebook event)


For those of you without the means to leave the city, we’re playing a celebration of Spring with the dreamy Young Galaxy and the ineffable Little Scream. Sure to be epic. It’s going down at the Belmont (4483 Boulevard Saint Laurent). (Facebook event)

June 27: Maybe something outside somewhere. Details TBA.

That’s about it. The new record is coming along slowly but surely. Maybe I’ll post some new stuff eventually. I’m going to see dear pals The Luyas tonight at the Rialto Theatre. Maybe I’ll see you there.

xo a